Mellanie is our founder, owner, coffee provider, shoulder to cry on, life coach, organisational whiz and calming presence at the studio. She believes in everyone, can see the best in every situation, can pivot at lightening speed and to top it all off, has a unique ability to help people realise their potential, feel inspired, find their voice and pursue the things that light them up the most. She’s also very good at finding the most incredibly passionate and inspiring teachers and mentors to guide musicians along their path. Her dream is to create a safe space for musicians to explore who they are as an artist, to break down the barriers to enter the music industry and to remind the world that there is more to music than scales, chords and exams. 

Drawing on her own experiences, Mell was driven to shake things up in order to create a space and opportunities for musicians, educators and families. Knowing that music can touch lives so profoundly, she’s determined to ensure there exists a platform that is accessible to everyone and she works tirelessly to constantly improve, create and push the boundaries so music can continue to make an impact on the lives of those that need it the most. 

As a child that  suffered from crippling anxiety and some very dark and painful years, Mell is proof that music and teachers who believe in you, can change the course of a life forever. Mell is an incredible mentor to children, teens, adults, musicians and educators alike and an advocate for those who who need someone in their corner.