Our creative genius, board game extraordinaire and mouth-watering cook, Darina has us covered!

When she’s not teaching vocals or piano, mentoring or leading our vocal groups and choirs, she’s busy creating epic arrangements, programs and workshops (still managing to find time to bake and experiment in the kitchen - we are very much a fan of her time management and passion for cooking).

No stranger to the stage after her success with vocal acapela group Voiceland, Darina has a unique insight into the world of music. Her audition prep workshops are insightful, practical and worth every penny.

Classically trained with a creative mind, Darina can weave magic into any song like no-one we’ve ever seen. She’s also incredibly humble about it. She’s encouraging, inspiring, passionate and driven.

Her dreams are as big as Mell’s (yep, our studio is bursting with big-hearted, creative, inspiring humans!) and the soul sisters, as they refer to themselves as, are on a mission to make music more accessible, create incredible opportunities and a forum for as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of music.

With over ten years experience, Darina brings an affection that is felt in all of her singing and piano classes, and is a much loved and valued team member who we just cannot function without.