Welcome to Mustud

It’s been a long time in the making, but we’re here. Welcome to our Music Studio.

The studio was formerly just a modest little music school, catering to those that wanted to learn music a little differently than the ol’ traditional approach. But that baby grew up and evolved into this music hub, a music studio that Melbournites love. Sure, you can come and learn piano, vocals, drums, guitar, trumpet, flute and loads of other instruments, but you’ll also be exposed to performance opportunities, collaborations, industry workshops, other like-minded musicians and access to some of the friendliest and giving bunch of muso’s around.

Mustud’s students are artists and musicians, so we book them gigs. In local pubs, at local festivals, on stages in art centres, music venues and out-of-the-box locations. We like to push the boundaries of what’s possible and help individuals to get out there and do their thing.

The music industry is tough. We need more spaces where people can come and collaborate, learn, rehearse, share, perform and mingle with a bunch of down to earth, industry crew who don’t discriminate or let ego determine who and what gets through the front door.

We’re here to guide kids and help them achieve their music dreams, not boxing them in to an ‘idea’ of what a musician should be. We’re here to help teens navigate life and music. We’re here to help adults achieve their goals and remind them it’s never, ever too late.

We’re real. We’re honest. We’re passionate. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Welcome to Mustud.

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