We had humble beginnings. A master bedroom converted into a small studio, and a young woman with a vision.  

The idea was simple enough - to create and teach music in a way that made students feel safe and supported. To give them a space where they could find their voice through music, be truly themselves and have an opportunity to pursue their own secret dreams, no matter where they led to. A space free from ego, with no industry nastiness, no cookie cutter mould or pressure to fit in. 

This vision was infectious. Like attracts like as they say and the studio quickly attracted a group of passionate individualists, mentors and musicians who have helped to cultivate a studio based on their values - a space of honesty, empathy, support and real human connection. The result was Mustud Studios. 

This is our Music Studio. 

We offer music lessons for everyone, all ages, genders, abilities, cultures and backgrounds. We help young children become independent, teenagers chase their dreams, and adults discover the potential they never even knew they had. We offer opportunities to shine onstage, whether it’s in front of your family, the local pub, or in front of hundreds of fans. We provide affordable spaces for creatives to practice, workshop, meet and connect. We believe that you don’t have to follow the crowd - that there is no one structure of learning that suits everyone. You can succeed no matter how you choose to, and you have a voice that deserves to be heard. 

We are a small group of passionate people who believe that music can change the world, and we want you to come along with us for the ride. 

Welcome to Mustud.